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Plastics Molding Company: Forms

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REV.               FORM    NAME

A                    PFM1    Daily Production Report

B                    PFM2    Raw Inventory Move Sheet

A                    PFM3    Daily Material and Dye Usage

A                    PFM4    Equipment repair or Maintenance Form

C                    PFM5    Inventory Tag

B                    PFM6    Daily Production Report

B                    PFM7    Inventory Move Sheet

A                    PFM8    Mold Damage Report

A                    PFM9    Mold Status Tag

A                    PFM10    Customer Tool/Material Worksheet

B                    PFM11    Customer Return Notifications

C                    PFM12    Training Check Sheet

H                    PFM13    Setup or Pull Mold Check List for Injection Side

C                    PFM14    Setup or Pull Mold Check List for Compression Side

A                    PFM15    Saftey Inspection Items

A                    PFM16    Business Plan Info

A                    PFM17    Business Plan Review Log

A                    PFM18    Preferred Trucking Carrier Report

A                    PFM20    Process and Setup Changes

A                    PFM21    Review Setup Manual B4 Startup

A                    PFM22    Visual and Attribute Checklist

B                    PFM23    Mold Preventative Maintenance

A                    PFM24    Dryer Log

A                    PFM25    Mold Problem Log

A                    PFM26    Mold History Log

A                    PFM27    Process Design and Development (D&D)

B                    PFM29    Feasibility Worksheet

A                    PFM35    Barrel Mixing Form

A                    PFM36    Mixing Instructions by Part Number

A                    PFM91    Sales Follow-Up Guide Sheet

A                    PFM92    Training Check Sheet

B                    PFM93    Customer PM Criteria

A                    PFM94    Production Process Check Sheet

A                    PFM95    Layered Process Audit - Molding

C                    PFM96    Request for Mold Repair

B                    PFM97    Verify Tester is working Properly

B                    PFM98    Verify Correct Labels are being used

A                    PFM99    Verify Scale is working properly

A                    PFM100    Verify Date code is on part

H                    PFM101    Verification Check Form


REV.              FORM   NAME

A                    PFP1    Verbal Order

C                    PFP2    Quote Sheet

A                    PFP3    Contact Report

D                    PFP4    Purchase Order

A                    PFP6    Late Delivery Report

AF                  PFP7    Approved Plastics Molding Suppliers

A                    PFP10    Supplier Rating Form


REV.               FORM    NAME

AL                  PFQ1    Gauge List

A                    PFQ2    Inspection Report

A                    PFQ4    Audit Sheet

A                    PFQ6    "Final Acceptance" Sticker

A                    PFQ7    Molding Scrap Report

A                    PFQ10    Transfer Tool Sheet

A                    PFQ11    Quality Problem Status Report

A                    PFQ13    PMC Material Disposition Report

A                    PFQ15    Cost of Quality Report

C                    PFQ16    Dock Audit (Incoming)

A                    PFQ17    Drawing Control Sheet

G                    PFQ19    Internal Audit Schedule

A                    PFQ20    Production Gauge Log Sheet

C                    PFQ23    Internal Corrective Action

B                    PFQ24    Supplier Corrective Action

A                    PFQ25    Supplier Corrective Log

J                     PFQ26    Dock Audit (shipping)

B                    PFQ29    Deviation Request Form

A                    PFQ30    Inspection Check Sheet

A                    PFQ32    Material Disposition Report

B                    PFQ33    Non-Compliance Report

A                    PFQ34    Manufacturing Feasibility Statement

A                    PFQ35    Reject Analysis Matrix

A                    PFQ36    Base Line Setup

A                    PFQ38    Suggestion Response Form

B                    PFQ39    Setup M annual Check-Out Log

A                    PFQ41    Supplier Non-Conformance Log

A                    PFQ42    Gauge Training Log

A                    PFQ44    Visual Review of Last Part

A                    PFQ45    SCAR Activity

A                    PFQ46    Gauge Variation Worksheet

A                    PFQ47    GRR (Short method)

A                    PFQ48    GRR (Long Method)

A                    PFQ49    Certification Sheet

B                    PFQ50    Incoming Inspection Report

A                    PFQ51    Hazardous Substance List

A                    PFQ94    Product Audit Checklist

B                    PFQ95    Manufacturing Process Audit Checklist

A                    PFQ96    Quality Planning Audit Checklist


REV.         FORM        NAME

A              PFHR1    Injury Report and Follow Up Form

A              PFHR2    President Duties

A              PFHR3    General Manager Duties

A              PFHR4    Plant Manager Duties

A              PFHR5    Office Manager Duties

A              PFHR6    Shipping Receiving Duties

A              PFHR7    Maintenance Duties

A              PFHR8    Set-Up Duties

A              PFHR9    Utility Person Duties

A              PFHR10    Shift Supervisor Duties

A              PFHR11    Machine Operator Duties

A              PFHR12    Lead Operator Duties

A              PFHR13    Lead Operator Duties

A              PFHR14    Lead Operator-Secondary Duties

A              PFHR15    Quality Assurance Manager Duties

A              PFHR16    Lead Inspector Duties

A              PFHR17    Clerical Positions Competency Evaluations

C              PFHR18    Inspector Competency Evaluation

A              PFHR19    Shipping & Receiving Competency Evaluation

A              PFHR20    Maintenance Competency Evaluation

C              PFHR21    Production Competency Evaluation

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