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We are your one-stop shop for all of your manufacturing needs. We offer production metal stamping, precision machining, tool and die design and manufacturing. We have 3 connected departments to meet your needs, expedite lead times, and reduce cost.


View our manufacturing capabilities, read about how we've reduced cost for our customers, and contact us today for your manufacturing needs.

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Production Metal Stamping

Why are we the best choice for your production metal stamping needs? One word: Efficiency. We run our stamping department to maximize uptime, eliminate waste and reduce your cost.  Our quality engineers are passionate about their job and accept nothing less than excellence.  We are committed to quality and have annual DPM's comfortably in the word class range. If something isn’t right and it’s on our end, we will make it right and quickly.  With 9 punch presses that range from 60 to 1000 tons and expansion on the horizon, we can handle a wide variety of simple and complex production metal stamping needs. We generally contract volumes from 50,000 to millions of parts annually, however lower volumes are possible for certain parts. Contact us today!

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Precision Machining

Tight tolerance, and high-RPMs, while maintaining excellent quality, we know precision machining. The experience and equipment of our CNC machining department is best suited for tight tolerance multi-sided work pieces, yet we still provide machining up to 20,000 RPM and maintain extremely tight tolerance variations. We machine a wide variety of materials and handle low, medium and high-volume production for parts and sub-assemblies.

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Tool and Die Design

and Manufacture

Our skilled engineers like a challenge.  If you buy from Bachman, we will look over your designs and see if we can make modifications that add value and reduce cost. Some of the ways we reduce cost are by utilizing less material (while maintaining part integrity), reducing the steps it takes to form metal parts, and eliminating secondary operations.  We have a track record of exceptional die design, cost reduction and happy customers. View some of our success stories

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From Design to Production

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