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Production Metal Stamping

Efficient, Reliable and Proudly Produced in the USA



Bachman Machine provides a wide range of stamping capabilities from ferrous to non-ferrous metals, and simple to complex metal stampings while utilizing 9 punch presses that range from 60 to 1000 tons. Bachman Machine’s normal volumes range from 50,000 to millions of parts annually, however lower volumes are possible for certain parts.

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Secondary Work

In House: Bachman Machine provides: Robotic Welding, Resistance Welding (including Projection Welding and Spot Welding), Tapping (roll form or cut threads), Sub-assembly, Assembly, In-line nut and stud welding, Machining, Precision Machining, Plastic Over Molding and Insert Molding

Contracted Out:  Through a close group of suppliers we offer secondary: Deburring, Vibratory finishing, Cleaning and Washing, Plating, E-coat, Powder Coat, Painting, Anodization, Passivation, Polishing, Double disc grinding, Fasteners, Heat Treat, Prototyping, and Fast Prototyping

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