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Bachman Machine Company: Procedures

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Index of Human Resource Procedures

REV.             FORM             DOCUMENT NAME

C                  PHR 1 Identify Training, Competence, Awareness, & Motivation

Index of Quality Procedures

REV.              FORM    DOCUMENT NAME

C                   PQ 1    Controlling Documents

D                   PQ 2    Controlling Records

D                   PQ 3    Internal Audits

D                   PQ 4    Control of Non-Conforming Product

F                   PQ 5    Problem Solving Corrective Action

B                   PQ 6    Risk Management

A                   PQ 7    Product Safety

B                   PQ 8    Contingency Plans

A                   PQ 9    Customer Specific Requirements

B                   PQ 10    Gage Calibration Verification

A                   PQ 11    Process D & D

A                   PQ 12    Total Productive Maintenance

A                   PQ 13    Management of Production Tooling

A                   PQ 14    Supply Chain Management

A                   PQ 15    Planning & Control of Changes

A                   PQ 16    Identification & Traceability

A                   PQ 17    Error Proofing

A                   PQ 18    Engineering Specifications

A                   PQ 19    Special Characteristics

A                   PQ 20    Continual Improvements

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