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Plastics Molding Company: Procedures

Phone System

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Phone System

Voicemail System

CAUTION! Do not use cleaners that contain benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other solvents on the telephone's rubber feet. The color of the rubber may transfer to the desk or mounting surface.


Voicemail System

Changing Passcode:

Currently, the system requires a 7 digit passcode.  When you enter the system for the first time it will ask you to choose a new passcode.  Pick something that is familiar to you.


Accessing Voicemail

If you have a new voicemail the button with the envelope next to the receiver will glow red.  You can hit this button to get your new message. 


If the New Voicemail button does not glow red and you want to access the voicemail system then you will need to press the Voicemail button at the top of the buttons on the right hand of the phone.  Once in the system follow the prompts to perform the task(s) that you need to.


Call Park Orbits

v  To park a call

1. While on a call, press Call Park.

2. Specify the Park Orbit using one of the following:

·         Enter a valid extension.

·         Press * and the system automatically selects a General Park Orbit between 7000~7019. The chosen orbit appears on the LCD.

3. Hang up. If the parked call is not retrieved, the call rings back to your phone.


v  To retrieve a parked call

1. Press Call Park.

2. Enter the Orbit Number where the call is parked.


Call Transfer

v  Simple Transfer

1. While on a call, press TRNS soft key.

2. Dial the extension number and the call is transferred.


v  If your telephone doesn’t have a display, or if you would like to announce the call

1. While on a call, press Cnf/Trn.

2. Dial the extension number. (Optional: Stay on the line to announce the call).

3. Hang Up.

Note During call transfer you can reconnect to the original caller by pressing your flashing extension button.


Conference Calls

1. While on a call, press Cnf/Trn.

2. Call another station or outside line.

3. When the called party answers, press Cnf/Trn. All parties are conferenced.

Note If you receive a busy tone or if the station does not answer, press the flashing line button to return to the original call.

4. Repeat Steps 1~3 to add more lines. You can conference up to eight parties.


v  To transfer conference control

Note When the person who initiates the conference (master) hangs up, control transfers to the first internal station added to the conference. If no internal stations are in the conference, the call disconnects.

1. Perform Steps 1 and 2 above to add the line to which you wish to transfer conference control.

2. Announce the call and hang up to transfer the call. This station is now the conference “master” with the ability to add or delete parties.


v  To hold a conference call

If you are the “master” conference controller, press Hold once (or twice for Executive Hold) to place the conference call on hold. The conference continues and you can join at any time without giving up “master” abilities. Music-on-hold is suppressed in this mode.


v  To conference two outside Lines

1. While talking on an outside call, press Cnf/Trn.

2. Access an outside line.

3. After the party answers, press Cnf/Trn twice and hang up.

Note If you receive a busy tone or if the station does not answer, press the flashing line button to return to the original call.



Call Forward

To forward your calls to either another phone in the plant or to an external phone is the same process.


All Calls: Press Ext. + #6011 + Destination Number

Busy: Press Ext. + #6021 + Destination Number

No Answer: Press Ext. + #6031 + Destination Number +

Timer (seconds, 2-digits) + #

Busy No Answer: Press Ext. + #6041 + Destination Number +

Timer (seconds, 2-digits) + #

Cancel: Press Ext. + #6051


Dial Directory

1. Press DIR soft key to access the Select Directory menu.

2. Choose the directory you wish to access and use the dial pad to enter the name.

The soft keys on the Select Directory are:

My = Personal Speed Dial Names

EXTR= System Speed Dial Names

INTR = Directory Number Names

Dial = Cancel directory, get dial tone.


• Press FIND to start the directory search.

• Press NEXT to move forward.

• Press BACK to move backwards.

• Press CALL to connect to the directory entry selected.

• Press CNCL to quit the directory search.



• If a directory is not selected and a name is entered, all directories will be searched.

• To enter names from the dial pad, press the dial pad button associated with the letter to be entered. Press the button once for the first letter, twice for the second letter, etc. Left and

Right Soft Keys are available to move the cursor.


Speed Dial

v  To store a Station Speed Dial Number

1. Dial #9876.

2. Press Spdial.

3. Enter a Speed Dial Code (100~199).

4. Enter the number to be stored (32 digits max.).

5. Press the Spdial button to store the entry.

6. Repeat steps 2~5 to add more speed dial numbers.

7. To end the programming session, lift and replace the handset.


v  To clear a number from a Station Speed Dial code

·         Repeat the previous procedure Steps 1~3, press #, skip Step 4, then press Spdial.

v  To make a call using Speed Dial

1. Lift the handset. Press Spdial, then dial the Speed Dial


2. Access an outside line (if necessary).

Note You may need to lift the handset and access an outside line before pressing Spdial (depending on your telephone setup).


Long Distance Calls

If you need to make a long distance call hit #46 (Your Code) then 9 and dial your number.

Call Transfer
Call Forward
Speed Dial
Long Distance
Conference Calls
Accessig Voicemail
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