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Bachman Machine: Forms

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REV.         FORM      NAME

B              FHR34      Training  Required Sheet

B              FHR40      Termination Checklist

B              FHR46      Accident Investigation Report

B              FHR49      Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report

A              FHR56      Authorization For Payroll Deduction

A              FHR69      Training / Class Attendance Form

A              FHR72      Employee Warning Report

A              FHR73      Personnel Injury Report - Employee

B              FHR74      Design Personnel Evaluation Form

B              FHR75      Clerical Personnel Evaluation

B              FHR76      Inspector Personnel Evaluation

B              FHR77      Maintenance Personnel Evaluation

B              FHR78      N/C Department Personnel Evaluation

B              FHR79      Production Department Evaluation

B              FHR80      Shipping and Receiving Department Evaluation

B              FHR81      Tool Room Evaluation

B              FHR82      Die Protection Department Evaluation

B              FHR83      Management / Supervisory Evaluation

A              FHR84      Welder Evaluation

A              FHR85      Bachman Machine Performance Appraisal


REV.         FORM      NAME

J              FM1         BMC Production Control Sheet

B              FM4         Injury Reporting and Follow-up Form

A              FM6        Manufacturing Feasibility Statement

A              FM7        Internal Bachman Machine quote sheet example

C              FM22      Set-up Manual

B              FM27      Tap Life Log

O              FM29      Set-up Procedure Check List

D              FM33      Training for New and Current Production Personnel

A              FM35      Quote Sheet for N/C

A              FM38      Employee Machine Training Check-off Sheet (N/C)

D              FM41      BMC Outside Warehouse Inventory

A              FM60      Business Plan Review Log

C              FM61      Shipping Department Packing Instructions

A              FM62      Die Protection Work Order

A              FM67      Tapper # _________________ Log Speed

B              FM70      Change Over Steps

B              FM72      Preferred Truck Carriers

A              FM75      Reviewed Set-Up Manual Prior to Start-Up

A              FM76      Tap Log

A              FM77      Tapper Speeds (parts per minute)

A              FM81      Container Exchange Verification for Welders

A              FM83      Press Scrap Log

A              FM84      Damage Control Record

A              FM85      Manufacturing Process Design and Development

A              FM87      Layered Process Audit 0 Stamping

F              FM89      Camera Verification Sheet

A              FM90      Job Settings Verification Sheet

A              FM91      Sales Follow-up Guide Sheet

B              FM92      No Nut Part Scrap Verification

D              FM93      Tonnage Record

A              FM94      TG Stud Fault Verification Sheet

A              FM95      Production Daily Time Sheet


REV                Form                    Description

G                    FQ1                     Routing and Sing-off Sheet

F                     FQ2                     Inspection Dock Audit Sheet

C                    FQ3                     Drawing Control Sheet

B                    FQ5                     BMC Inspection F.P.I. / L.P.I. Log

C                    FQ6                     BMC Inspection Check Sheet

C                    FQ7                     BMC Inspection Report

E                    FQ8                     Shift Communication Log Sheet

G                    FQ9                     BMC Production Repair Work Order

A                    FQ15                     Request for Deviation

A                    FQ16                     Production Gauge Request Log-In, Log-Out

A                    FQ16NC               Production Gauge Request Log-In, Log-Out for N/C

E                    FQ17                     Material Dock Audit (Incoming)

B                    FQ18                     Set-up Manual Sign Out Log

A                    FQ18NC                Set-up Manual for NC

C                    FQ21                     Certification

H                    FQ23                     Corrective/Preventive Action Form (Internal)

H                    FQ24                     Supplier Corrective /Preventive Action Form

H                    FQ25                     CAR Activity

A                    FQ37                     Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility Report (Short FORM)

J                    FQ38                     SCAR Activity

A                    FQ40                     Training For Temporaries

A                    FQ56                     Non-Compliance Report

A                    FQ58                     BMC Non-Conformance

A                    FQ59                     Supplier Non-Conformances

A                    FQ69                     Change Log

A                    FQ71                     Suggestion Repose Form

A                    FQ86                     Customer Paperwork

A                    FQ94                     Product Audit Checklist

B                    FQ95                     Manufacturing Proces Audit Checklist

A                    FQ96                     Quality Planning Audit Checklist


REV                Form                     Description

A                    FTR3                     Training Log

B                    FTR4                     Gauge Verification

B                    FTR5                     Tool Room Approved Supplier List

E                    FTR7                     Tooling Estimating Sheet

A                    FTR9                     Part Drawing Revision Status Log

A                    FTR12                     Design Work Sheet

A                    FTR13                     Outside Service Log

A                    FTR14                     Tooling Treatment Log

C                    FTR18                     Tool Room Order Entry Sheet

A                    FTR19                     BMC Die Specifications

A                    FTR20                     Tooling History

A                    FTR22                     Corrective Work

A                    FTR23                     Preventative Work

A                    FTR24                     Purchase Order

A                    FTR25                     Request for Quote

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